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The Community Input Committee will meet on Monday, May 9, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Administrative Office, 825 Grandview Road, Oil City, PA.

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Board of Education Description

The School Board is a policy-setting body. Because education is a state function, once a School Board member is elected/appointed to office they become officers of the State. As officers, they are under oath to obey and carry out its laws. The School Board is a legislative body responsible for establishing local school policies to assure that the schools are properly run in accordance with state laws and regulations. In doing so, they have no authority as individuals only as a body known as the Board.

Board meetings are NOT a public hearing. It is an official business meeting of the School Board, conducted under a prepared and limited agenda which is distributed to Board members ahead of time.

The School Board generally meets twice a month, typically on the third and fourth Monday. The third Monday of the month is a scheduled work session, where items are discussed prior to placement on the agenda for the regular business meeting which is held on the fourth Monday.  All official meetings of the School Board, with the exception of Executive Sessions, are open to the public.

Public Participation in Board Meetings

All persons wishing to participate at the beginning of the work session or regular business meeting must register their intent with the Board Secretary by the close of business on the Tuesday prior to the meeting. Speakers participating at the regular business meeting must state the specific agenda item they wish to address when registering their intent. A 3-minute time limit will be allotted each speaker, unless waived by the Board.

For more information regarding public participation, please refer to Board Policy #006 Local Board Procedures and Board Policy #903 Public Participation in Board Meetings.  Both policies are attached below as PDFs.

Members of the OCASD Board of Directors 

Mr. Joseph McFadden
Board President

Mr. Fredrick Weaver
Board Vice President

Mrs. Leigh Ann Pikna
Board Member

Mr. Jon Piercy
Board Member

Mr. Tyler Johnson
Board Member

Mr. Stephen Kelley
Board Member

Mr. Mark Kerr
Board Member

Ms. Shari Neely
Board Member

Mr. Lawrence Sterner
Board Member

Ms. Shirley McLaughlin
Board Secretary

Law Office of Dale Woodard Gent McFate
Board Solicitor

Board Committees 

Link to Board Committees

Committee Roles and Charges March 31, 2021

Board/Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities

Link to Dates for the Board Committee Meetings

PSBA Liaison

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ocasd board policy 005 – organization 

ocasd board policy 006 – meetings

ocasd board policy 903 – public participation in board meetings

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