Chapter 15 Section 504

Craig Kasunic- Co-Principal Oil City Middle School & District 504 Coordinator
Phone: (814) 676-5702

The district will utilize a general complaint procedure that incorporates the appropriate due process standards and provides for the prompt and equitable resolution of alleged violations of Section 505 by the Oil City Area School District. The Oil City Area School District has appointed a Section 504  Coordinator, Mr. Craig Kasunic, who is in charge of interpreting Section 504 / ADAAA and corresponding regulations on behalf of the District, directing Oil City Area School District policy and overseeing the provisions of this policy. The Section 504 Coordinator reviews any alleged violations of Section 504 within Oil City Area School District. If it is deemed that a violation has occurred, the Section 504 Coordinator will recommend corrective actions for those violations directly to the Superintendent.


504 Information on PA Code