Administrative Staff

Dr. Lynda Weller, Superintendent
(814) 676-1867, Dial 1 at the prompt to reach Ms. Shirley McLaughlin, Secretary to Dr. Weller

Mr. Scott Stahl
Principal at the High School, Lead Administrator of HS-MS Complex
(814)  676-2771

Mrs. Lisa Shuffstall
Assistant Principal at the High School
(814)  676-2771

Mrs. Tracy Delmonaco
Director of Special Education and Student Services
(814) 676-1867

Mrs. Joy Zuck- Co-Principal at the Middle School
(814) 676-5702

Mr. Craig Kasunic- Co-Principal at the Middle School, District 504 Coordinator
(814) 676-5702

Mr. Matt Siembida Principal at Hasson Elementary
(814)  677-8021

Mrs. Amy Highfield, Assistant Principal at Hasson Elementary
(814)  677-8021

Mrs. Anne Curran, Principal at Seventh Street Elementary and Smedley Street Elementary
(814)  677-3029