Administrative Offices of Oil City Area School District
825 Grandview Road Oil City, PA 16301
Phone: 814.676.1867
Fax: 814.676.2211
Dr. Lynda Weller, Superintendent

Mrs Susan Fisher, Business Manager

Dr. Tracy Delmonaco, Director of Special Education & Student Services

Oil City Area School District
825 Grandview Road
Oil City, Pennsylvania 16301
(814) 676-1867 Phone
(814) 676-2211 Fax

Right to Know Information

Oil City Area School District is located in Venango County Pennsylvania. It is one of four public school districts in Venango County. The district covers approximately 71.4 square miles and serves the students and families of the City of Oil City, Borough of Rouseville, as well as the Townships of Cornplanter, Oakland and parts of President.

District Facts:

Tax Millage 16.61 mills

Current Operating Budget is $29.67 million

Enrollment 2,176 students (K-12)

High School (9-12) 657 students

Middle School (5-8) 613 students

Hasson Heights Elementary (K-4) 468 students

Seventh Street Elementary (2-4) 212 students

Smedley Street Elementary (K-1) 125 students

The district employs 263 people

137 Teaching Staff

56 Elementary

39 Middle School

42 High School

8 Administrators

1 School Resource Officer

2 School Nurses

2 Nurse Technicians

5 Guidance Counselors

2 School Psychologists

1 Computer Technicians

68 Support Staff

4 Maintenance Workers

18 Custodians

1 Athletic Trainer