Study Island

The Oil City Area School District utilizes a web-based program called Study Island in grades 3 – 12.  Study Island is a tool designed to help students master state-specific, grade-level standards in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

At OCASD, Study Island is used in several different ways:

Benchmarking Testing–Benchmark tests are given periodically throughout the school year to assess whether students are learning the material and how much they have mastered the material by that assessment.  Study Island provides up to four benchmark tests a year in reading, math, and science.  Teachers and students get immediate results that show how well a student has mastered a specific concept.  Teachers, in turn, are able to use these results to tailor their instruction to meet the individual needs of their students.

Diagnostic Testing–Diagnostic testing helps teachers pinpoint what specific hurdles a student is facing in a specific content area.  Diagnostic testing can be administered more frequently than benchmark testing and gives even more up-to-date information to teachers as they help students master the concepts in their classrooms.

Practice–Study Island also provides students the opportunity to practice specific skills that are covered in the classroom.  Teachers can assign questions as in-class assignments or homework in order to help students practice the skills they are covering in class.

It is important to remember that Study Island does not replace the teacher.  Classroom instruction is critical to helping students understand and master the concepts presented in the classroom. Study Island gives teachers several ways to help students practice skills and to assess how well a student understands skills.

Your student can access Study Island by visiting